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File photo Canada, by contrast, peacefully inaugurated their founding documents after kindly asking for permission. And yet, in sharp contrast to the United States usual reputation as the more violent one, the men who founded Canada ended up being much more likely to meet their end with Liquid Grip|Canada a bullet. Two of Canadas 37 Fathers of Confederation suffered untimely deaths by bullet wounds. Of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence, meanwhile, gun violence would claim only one. In fact, despite all the give me liberty or give me death talk, the vast majority of U.S. Founding Fathers would be meet their end by dying peacefully on vast estates a surprising number of them in their 80s and 90s. Only Georgia delegate Button Gwinnett, widely considered to be the most unremarkable signatory to the 1776 declaration, would get himself shot only a few months later in a duel with a political rival. Another signatory, George Wythe, died of mysterious circumstances in old age, but in that case it was suspected he was poisoned by a family member. In Canada, by contrast, pistol fire would claim both George Brown and Thomas DArcy McGee, two leading figures in the negotiations for Confederation. McGee was assassinated in Ottawa in 1868 by an Irish nationalist. Brown, founder of what would become the Globe and Mail, was fatally wounded in 1880 by an armed and disgruntled former employee. All told, if you were a politician involved in the creation of Canada, you had a one in 19 chance of meeting a violent end by firearm.

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Liquid Grip Canada

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